Your Resource for Dog Events and Clubs in Arizona
My husband and I  were introduced to the dog fancy in 2001.  I acquired a nice little cavalier king charles spaniel who championed quickly thanks to the training collars and tips at It was the beginning a very fun journey.  We now have multiple champions at TruStar Cavaliers, and are working on preserving and improving our chosen breed.

I have since assisted in forming the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Central Arizona, Inc., the AKC-licensed breed specialty club serving the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area, and am a member of two great local all-breed clubs.  I have received a great deal of personal satisfaction and happiness from being involved with the dog fancy, and have desired to "give something back" to the dog community in Arizona.

The need for a regularly-updated, online resource for the dog fancy
became apparent.  It is my pleasure to offer
as a service to the dog community in Arizona.  I hope you will
support this effort to provide a free, comprehensive online resource
by spreading the word!

I do specialize in websites for the dog fancier and dog clubs,
offering reasonably-priced websites designed with style and a
personal touch.  I also will be offering "web-pages" for an
affordable alternative to a stand-alone website.  Please
let me know if I can assist you or your club in this regard.

Eileen Starks
Tru Star Web Design
TruStar Cavaliers